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Our Environmental Policy

For Pollution Prevention

Before we start cleaning a wheelie bin we will empty any residual solid waste from the wheelie bin into a suitable bag. If any materials are used to clean the wheelie bin, such as wipes. We will tie the bag and place it back into the wheelie bin after cleaning.

Where we can use collected rainwater as an alternative source to mains water we will.

Our purpose built cleaning vehicle recycles the water for reuse. This reduces the chances of causing pollution and the amount of washings requiring disposal.

We use biodegradable detergent & disinfectant to clean the wheelie bins.

We will contain and collect all waste wash water and don’t let it discharge into any drainage system from inside the wheelie bins.

We store all detergents and disinfectants safely. They are kept indoors in our store area away from any watercourses, open drains, gullies, or areas where water or other liquids can soak into the ground.

We keep a suitable spill kit available to deal with any spills as soon as they happen. We have a spillage plan & all our staff have been shown and tested to make sure they know how to use the equipment.

We only carry enough cleaning products for a day’s work in our vehicle. We also store and handle them carefully to prevent any spillages.

We are registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

All solid bagged waste will be disposed of in the customers own wheelie bin.

We clean wheelie bins to help reduce odours, fly nuisance and general hygiene problems for our customers.

We will keep our wheelie bin washing areas clean and tidy and don’t leave any litter.